LIR and Registry Services

We offer LIR and Registry services so we can help you get access to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as ASN for your business.
We help you from planning and application until you can start using your IP addresses and ASN.

IP Addresses, ASN (Autonomous System) and LIR Sponsoring

You who need IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, we can help you get the amount of IP numbers you need.
If you want to be able to have 2 Internet providers and be able to use your IP addresses, you need an ASN (Autonomous System). Which we can help you get through RIPE.

When you are assigned IP addresses or ASN from RIPE NCC in Europe, you must have an LIR that sponsors the sharing
if it does not come from our addresses.
We can LIR sponsor against you so you do not have to talk to RIPE NCC but we handle everything
from the application to so you can use your PI addresses (Provider Independent addresses) or ASN.

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Sponsorship of LIR/LIR management/Outsourced LIR

Local Internet Registry (LIR) is a term used to describe those who are members of RIPE NCC. They are called LIRs because they are responsible for the distribution of IP address space and registration of address space at a local level towards the end customer.

We help companies, Internet service providers (ISPs), and private individuals with registration, distribution, responsibility and the administration of LIR so that you can spend time on other things.

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Contact us and we will tell you more
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