Based in Sweden

We are a Sweden based company.

Enterprise Hardware

We run hardware from Cisco, HP, & Supermicro and many others.

Good service

Dedicated, knowledgeable and flexible people to be able to give you good service.

Own IP Network

We operate our own IP network.
Run with both IPv4 and IPv6 in the network

Hosting services

Karabro provides everything from Web hosting and Cloud VPS to colocation and dedicated servers, as well as everything in between.
We have our servers in server halls in Sweden with our own internet provider.
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Cloud VPSColocationServerhostingWeb hostingGame Server

Network/Internet services

We can deliver transit and internet to your company, BRF, organization or you.
We deliver in our own network that can deliver the next generation internet (IPv6) to you.
If you need capacity or transport, we can solve this If you do not have the next generation internet (IPv6) today, you can get it via
or by buying a connection from us.
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LIR Services

Do you need help getting IP addresses, ASN or managing your current LIR account?
We as RIPE NCC member he help you get IP addresses and ASN for you.
We can also manage your current LIR account so you do not have to put that administration on it.
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ASNIP AddressesLIR Sponsorship/Management

Contact us and we will tell you more
Or call us +46 406 68 80 96